29 June 2021
Hiszpanski sklep

Nowy sklep z hiszpańską żywnością

Santo Foods – Hiszpania w Twoim domu lub lokalu A gdyby tak rzucić wszystko i pojechać do… Hiszpanii? Brzmi kusząco, ale niekoniecznie realnie. Można natomiast zaprosić […]
13 September 2019

Yellow Dog – Yellow Ribbon Project

Yellow ribbon attached to dog’s collar is not a new fashion trend. It is actually a very important information to all of us about the dog […]
4 September 2019

Kolejkowo – the absolute masterpiece you must see.

A typical Tuesday in Wroclaw doesn’t have to be a typical Tuesday. Personally, I love organising adventures for my child on a week day. First of […]
29 August 2019

GASTROMIASTO – Retro Disco 30.08-01.09

This is going to be a proper Farewell to the Summer 2019 – GASTROMIASTO – Retro Disco 30.08-01.09 is an event which combines our two most […]
27 August 2019

BuddyApp – new way to meet the locals

I came across a very good article about the newest mobile App on the market which helps us find new people with similar hobbies or interests […]
26 August 2019

Wroclaw’s Dwarf Festival – 6-8 september 2019

We all know that one of the symbols of Wroclaw are the popular little dwarves hidden around the city. There is even a map with the […]
21 August 2019

Xiaomi! Welcome to Wroclaw.

Exciting news. A very popular company – Xiaomi is about to start a long term cooperation with a Wroclaw’s company JBTS. The owners of JBTS convinced […]
19 August 2019

JAKUBY – Zgorzelec/ Gorlitz – The Old Town Festival 23-25 August

Today I would like to invite you to one of the biggest events in Lower Silesian at the border with Germany in the city Zgorzelec – […]
27 July 2019

“Polski na luzie” – FREE Polish language classes for All Expats

Free Polish classes for Expats in Wroclaw who want to be part of our community by learning our language. Young Polish and Ukrainian women came up […]