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27 July 2019
Xiaomi! Welcome to Wroclaw.
21 August 2019

JAKUBY – Zgorzelec/ Gorlitz – The Old Town Festival 23-25 August

Today I would like to invite you to one of the biggest events in Lower Silesian at the border with Germany in the city Zgorzelec – called Jakuby. This Festival is a fruit of Polish and German friendship. Every year on the last weekend of August, the festival kicks in and lasts 3 days long.


This event is all about taking us back in time to when Jacob Böhme lived and worked in Zgorzelec. He was the most well-known shoemaker and philosopher of those times. Jakuby is a mix of dancing, music, theatre and craft shows. There is always something to see and taste for everyone.


Zgorzelec is a border city fulfilled with some good historical vibes due to the close connection to the German city Gorlitz. The Old Town Bridge joins the Polish and German banks of Nysa Łużycka River and makes it a perfect spot for an Instagram shot.

The program of the festival is always full of interesting historical shows and workshops. There are street artists’ performing everywhere and children are invited to participate in the special activities. The Festival is highly valued by exhibitors, artists, and above all – tens of thousands of guests from Poland and abroad, who visit the event in Zgorzelec every year. The number of both Polish and foreign visitors is increasing every year.

I am a regular visitor. Always come to see the beautiful artwork of the local craftsmen as well as the good street food which you need to try otherwise your taste buds will not forgive you.

Both cities Zgorzelec and Gorlitz have plenty to offer during the festival. walking around the German side is a real treat already, freshly renovated architectural beauties make you feel like you are in the middle of an Old Town indeed.

Event location

Zgorzelec is just 2h away from Wroclaw, highway A4 will take you straight there. If you plan on having a weekend away, stay at the local hotel. I recommend Palac Lagow. It is a beautiful old palace with a fantastic restaurant and good size playground for kids.

Event website: http://jakuby.eu/pl/

You can find them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jakuby

Palac Lagow: https://palac-lagow.pl/en/

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