Welcome to Lionall Consulting

Lionall provides the means to improve both work productivity and contentedness outside of work by helping to achieve balance.
Lionall Consulting is on hand to assist you, no matter how big or small the task. We will take on a wide range of jobs and work where you need us – at your home or your office. Let us do the worrying.
Lionall Consulting provides the best service in Personal Admin, Home and Property Management, Lifestyle Management, Relocation Services. Our aim is to lighten your load and help you manage the demands of your busy work and home life. We can help you in freeing up time to spend on whatever or whoever are most important to you. Lionall Consulting exists to help support employees and their families.

We take care of you!

Lionall Consulting is the service you have been looking for. Lack of time is now not longer an excuse. Simply contact us and let us know your needs, and we will help you in a wide range of tasks, from securing you a ticket to the opera to settling you in Wroclaw, relocate you from one country to Poland, finding the right apartment, or personal assistance, work and residence permit.

Lionall Consulting is a company you can trust, which will take on responsibility for any task you wish. Let us handle things while you focus on your work or your family.

Consulting to business

We take care of a company through its staff by attending to and solving their day-to-day matters. Lionall provides support plans for HR departments to attract talent and demonstrate the company’s high level of engagement in its staff’s day-to-day lives. The latest studies confirm that looking after employees increases productivity and positive results at work.

Consulting to expat & families

We know what it is like to live abroad and have to adapt to a new job in an unknown country with a language you don´t understand, all without neglecting your family and their needs as relocation, housing, schooling, translation. The key to a happy and productive existence lies in striking the right balance between your work life and private life, which is all the more important – but all the more difficult – for the expatriate.

Why choose Lionall?

Wide range of services

24-hour availability
365-day service

Services provided to employees and their families

Experience in working
with companies, employees
and their families in multiple
locations around the world



In order to ensure the best services and quality standards for our customers, we provide customized quotes for each kind of service.
Contact to Lionall experts about your needs and within 24h you will receive a price estimation for our services.
Get in touch with us now at info@lionall.com – it will be our pleasure to help you!