Lionall came about as a response to the demands of the modern market – a multicultural and multilingual market that demands higher quality service at an affordable price. Our team consists of young, enthusiastic and highly skilled internationals, all with different educational specialisations, but all with one thing in common – a passion for translation. We draw upon our vast collective experience and diverse backgrounds to ensure we always provide our clients with top-quality service.

The two main factors that make Lionall stand out from other translation agencies is the extensive experience we can count on and the individual attention we are happy to provide to our clients.

In 2011 we were proud to be selected to translate official EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT documents.

Our strategy has been to focus on our number of language pairs to deliver on the promise of the highest quality of translation.

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We specialise in translating and interpreting the following languages:





Lionall specializes in 6 translation subjects

Legal translation

We ensure the correct legal translation by taking local laws, legislation and procedures into account.

Website localisation

When translating websites, in addition to the text of your product or service, we consider it necessary to also look at local web customs. Knowledge of the local culture is essential.

Marketing materials

Our team maintains the appeal of your brochures and folders, ensuring that your products or services are presented appropriately for a prominent place in the local market.

User manuals

An user manual requires proper translation not only because it increases the user-friendliness of your products abroad, but also because it increases your brand image.

Technical texts

Precise and accurate technical translation. The professional expertise and meticulousness of our translation team is beyond compare.

Financial documents

Advanced knowledge of the local financial market is essential in translating reports, annual reports and budgets, because each country has its own types of business enterprises, notation forms and financial structures.



In order to ensure the best services and quality standards for our customers, we provide customized quotes for each kind of service.
Contact to Lionall experts about your needs and within 24h you will receive a price estimation for our services.
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We would like to thank our clients for the confidence they have placed in our enterprise: