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We take care of company by caring for its staff – attending to solving their day-to-day matters. Lionall offers Support Plans to HR departments, helping them attract talent by demonstrating their company’s high level of engagement in easing their staff’s day-to-day lives. We help your employees maintain a healthy work¬–life balance. Latest studies show that looking after employees contributes to a positive working environment and increases productivity.

Our Aim

We are dedicated to designing and implementing a package that will improve your employees’ work–life balance, their quality of life and, ultimately, their motivation and productivity. Our multidisciplinary team uses an integral approach to give your employees the attention they need.

Your Benefit

  • Enhance worker loyalty.
  • Improve focus, bringing positive working environment.
  • Stand out from your competitors.
  • Reduce employee stress to build team productivity.

A support plan for you HR department to attract talent, by demonstrating your high level of engagement in easing your staff’s day-to-day lives.

Because moving or renovating your home is not the same as a single person and with family.

What distracts YOUR TEAM

… stops your company from …


We can assist you with


Assistance in finding a suitable home, domestic help, a babysitter or media and utilities, organising and personally supervising a tour of a property, acting as an independent broker in cooperation with a real estate agent and/or owner, or applying for utilities services, a cable network or internet.

Banking & Accounting

Banking products, opening a bank account, tax declaration, insurance.


Neighbourhood, procedures, leisure, information about public transportation.


Presenting a list of private schools and their offers, viewing, advising.

Language barrier

Translator, interpreter, language schools.


Home delivery and orientation.


Renting or buying a home, transport, settling in, leasing a car, storage of home contents.

& Legal matters

Documents, contracts, employment residence permit application, social security number (PESEL), real estate documents, setting up a company.

Health care

Private medical clinics, well-known specialists, English-speaking doctors.


Anything related to your home.

What we offer


Is an Information Centre that provides counselling – in person, online and via phone.

Information Centre to the company and to employees and their families to offer support in any challenging situations that might arise.

We support a wide range of services.

Available 24 hours / 365 days.

EasyLifeNet –
Monthly care for only 250 zł*
Providing services** to employees and their families

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In order to ensure the best services and quality standards for our customers, we provide customized quotes for each kind of service.
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