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The best ideas come about when someone creative detects that there is a problem and finds the right solution. Because a good support team will help you open doors in an international environment and put your message across the way you want it to.


Lionall emerges as an answer to today’s market demands – a multicultural and plurilingual market that is asking for higher quality service at an affordable price. Our team consists of young, enthusiastic and highly skilled internationals, all with different educational specialities.


Lionall Consulting provides the best service in Personal Admin, Home and Property Management, and Lifestyle Management Services. Our aim is to lighten your load and help you manage the demands of your busy work and home life. We take care of you!


Due to the fact that one of us is coming from Spain, we offer you the opportunity to try The Spanish Gourmets. We give you the chance to try wonderful & exceptional Spanish Wines, Cheese, Jamon 5J, Crackers… Our strategy has been to focus to deliver the highest quality products.

Lionall is for you

For corporate, medium and small business

At Lionall we believe that a better life is when the employees feel professionally fulfilled and satisfied with their work. Lionall helps your company to increase its happiness production with a support plan for the HR Department. We are dedicated to designing & implementing a solution that will improve your employee’s work & family conciliation, their quality of life & ultimately their motivation & productivity.

For individuals and their families

Lionall understands your every-day matters and helps to solve them because we are here to help you. Let’s us look after you and your family. The secret of the happiness is the balance between work & the private life. Lionall is here to reconcile both of them.



In order to ensure the highest services and quality standards for our customers, we provide customized quotes for each kind of service.
Contact to Lionall experts about your needs and within 24h you will receive an estimation for our services.
Do not heistate to get in touch with us info@lionall.com – it is a pleasure to help you!

We would like to thank our clients for the confidence they put in our enterprise: