19 March 2019
Lionall Interview in English

Our mission is to help Expats – Lionall

Interview with Sandra de Leon-Sotelo, founder of Lionall. The company provides comprehensive assistance to foreigners coming to Poland who are trying to fill the gap in […]
19 March 2019
Flats to start assisting with rent expenses for new house buyers in the first years of the lease. And here are the news : IT ALSO APPLIES TO FOREIGNERS!


In this post, I would love to tell you more about my new findings. They are actually pretty exciting. So, I have started to search out […]
11 March 2019
Nataliia Tkachuk_Just_a_bag_Women_Week_Lionall

Successful Expat Woman – Nataliia Tkachuk!

This is a week devoted entirely to Women who did not stand back and watch others succeed. The women I would like to introduce to you […]
18 February 2019


Imagine my situation, after a 14h flight from Sydney to Frankfurt, where I was supposed to have a 3 hours stopover, I found out my next […]
12 February 2019

Live, Study & Work in Poland

How moving places shapes your identity and true self. How to Live abroad and Study & Work in Poland In the age of the pursuit of happiness as in money in every possible currency, I tend […]
23 August 2018

Expats Checklist – 60 days Prior Moving + Template

Hi Expats Time flies and we are back to work. We hope your holidays were great and you are ready to your new life in #Poland. […]
11 December 2017

EXPAT Checklist – 90 days before moving to Poland

Hello, Expats This information i am sharing with you today it might be very useful for that friend who is planning to move to Poland. I, […]