22 July 2019
Tired in the middle of the day? Coffee is not doing the trick? Perhaps, try the VINCI POWER NAP CAFE.
24 July 2019


I personally get really excited about new playgrounds. Why? Well, it gives me an idea for a day trip with my boy. We both like exploring new territories and such has just opened at Plac Bema. Newly restored Park with some crazy fun attractions for kids. You got nothing to do at home or nearby playground is getting too boring. Then, take your kids for a city adventure. Im sure they’ll love it – partially because of those ice-cream shops all around Plac Bema. 🙂

The Jumping Star Square

Locals remember the park very well – it used to be a dull and neglected place. There was nothing pleasurable in walking through that park. I am so glad Wroclaw has finally noticed the need for the reconstruction of the Square of the Jumping Star. Such a cool name.


Now the park offers a safe playground for the youngest, outdoor gym, rest areas for seniors. Plus LED lighting, new paths and squares. Surely, the old residents are delighted and new ones more attracted to the area. As a mother, I must say that places like this one are really needed in this dark age of technology, tv, phones, games etc. . There must be a way to attract young people to outdoor activities and colourful and fun playground are the way to go. We are responsible for this new growing generation and it is up to us how they spend their time. Why not taking them out for a walk to a park after school to stretch the muscles and enjoy the outdoor for a little longer than just the school-home walk.

The renovation of the Square cost about PLN 2.3 million and almost everything has changed. The square has gained a new look and play equipment for various age groups. The whole area for children is covered with a safe and soft surface. So you can come with your toddler and let him crawl around the playground. I used to do that with my son. He has always adored older kids and seeing him interact with them at such a young age made me really happy.


Mirrors mounted on the square resemble those in amusement parks. There is a swing in the type of stork’s nest, a big ball of ropes to squeeze in and out like a snake and a huge undercover sandpit. You can use an outdoor gym while your kids are monkeying around. There are also shady places for seniors where they can sit and play a game of chess. New trees and plants have been planted to improve the looks of the gardens.

As the article states, this is not the end of the investment in the park as in the second stage of works a special place for dogs will be built.


I must say I am truly impressed with the high standard of the park. There is only one BUT! Why there is NO SUN SHADES for the playground attractions? I have noticed this in Poland, that almost no playground that I have seen so far has a Sun SHADE for the kids. The skin cancer problem is getting really out of control and Poland doesn’t seem to care yet. I hope there will be someone there who will start introducing Sun covers to the playground architectural plans soon.


POLISH LODY at Pl. Gen. Jozefa Bema 3/1 Place Bema 3/1B

You have got to try these ones. Mouthwatering and delicious flavours. One of the most popular ice-cream shops in Wroclaw. You are lucky if there is no long queue to the ice-cream window. On a typical Sunday there is always a waiting line for 10-15min to get a scoop of this deliciousness. Treat yourself with a double scoop then. You’ll be back for more.

BEMA CAFE at Bolesława Drobnera 38, 50-257 Wrocław

And this is a place where you get your cappuccino with a perfect espresso and smooth milk froth. You don’t fancy ice-cream, head straight to Bema Cafe. This is one of the places I visit when I’m sick of Rynek’s crowds but craving seriously good Barista made Cafesito.

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