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4 September 2019
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29 June 2021

Yellow Dog – Yellow Ribbon Project

Yellow ribbon attached to dog’s collar is not a new fashion trend. It is actually a very important information to all of us about the dog which states “I need my space”. Yellow Dog is an international campaign and Wroclaw wants to be a part of it. So if you do have a dog and you think he needs “his space” come to Wroclaw Rynek on the 20th September and get a Yellow Ribbon.

I personally really like the idea. I love dogs and when I see one I want to pat and cuddle it. However, before doing any action I always ask the owner for the permission. Im an adult. How about kids though? My boy loves animals, he is like me. But he seems to think that all dogs and cats are friendly and he wants to play with him just like he does with the dog we got at home. The Yellow Ribbon can be used as a red light for kids and adults with a message “STOP! This doggie needs space. I mustn’t disturb him.” It is a good way to teach our community to ensure the animal is safe to approach or not.


I used to own a small beautiful and fluffy white maltese named Gene, so cute and cuddly. His looks would attract all the kids in the suburb. But Gene never really liked kids. So I used to always keep an eye open when kids wanted to pat him. Gene would definitely like the Yellow Ribbon for sure.


On the 20th September between 10am and 1pm Wroclaw Council’s officers will give away Yellow Ribbons. They will be located next to the water fountain at Rynek so keep your eyes open. Of course if you cannot get the Yellow Ribbon , use one of your own Yellow Ribbons and let others know your dog needs his space and mustn’t be touched.


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