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21 August 2019
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Wroclaw’s Dwarf Festival – 6-8 september 2019

We all know that one of the symbols of Wroclaw are the popular little dwarves hidden around the city. There is even a map with the location of all of them. A fun day out with kids would be to go and look for them all. It will definitely keep the kids busy for a while. However Wroclaw’s Dwarf Festival is the start to meet them all in one spot.

This year, in a couple of weeks, we will get a chance to celebrate the dwarf day at the festival devoted specially to them. The festival will start on the 6th of September in Rynek and will take 3 days of celebrations.

What to expect?

The festival will begin with a Dwarf parade starting from Pregierz down to Staromiejski Garden where a new member of the dwarf family will join them. There are 382 little creatures already spread out through the city.

At the Puppet Theatre you can expect lots of different activities for kids, which will be held in a Dwarf’s Village built for the occasion. Im sure kids will find their way in. There will be workshops, games and shows for kids. On Friday, kids from primary schools will participate in a special contest to decorate a Dwarf’s house – there will be awards and lots of happy faces.

Saturday schedule

On Saturday we will get a chance to watch Puppet Theatre show. Sadly, It is going to be in Polish. But Im sure you will get something from it as it will tell stories about Wroclaw, which you probably are familiar with by this time.

Festival not only for Kids!

This is not an event entirely for kids. Adults are welcome to join and participate. Why not trying out the Dwarf Silent Disco or drink a magic Dwarf’s potion. There will be acrobatic and fire shows to watch. So no time for boredom.

Dwarf’s Helping Hand

This year there is a special purpose behind the Wroclaw’s Dwarf Festival. During the festival the Dwarfs will visit the children hospital in Wroclaw and surprise them with some treats while spreading some good happy vibes.

What to eat:

If the Dwarf program is not enough to convince you to come, then what about the food trucks?

There will be pancakes, waffles, burgers, lollies, ice-cream and coffee track – you can’t say no to that.

This is going to be the first week of school, so let the kids go wild and enjoy some of the late summer attractions before the colourful less cheerful autumn spoilt the fun.

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