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BuddyApp – new way to meet the locals

I came across a very good article about the newest mobile App on the market which helps us find new people with similar hobbies or interests wherever we are. BuddyApp is a new way to meet the locals and it seems like an amazing idea in todays crazy Phone World we live in.


Who came up with the idea?

A couple of good friends Ania Blaski and Jurek Wąchała. They both struggled with the same problem while travelling to new places, that is no friends to go out with. Sadly, when you travel alone and wish to go for a drink, there is no one to share that drink with. So the idea for an App came up. Ania and Jurek have realised that although there is the willingness to do something, there is no Buddy to it with. And we all know it is always better to share the time with a likeminded Buddy.

What does the BuddyApp do?

The BuddyApp gives you a chance to share your interests with others. In the place you are, people are able to see what you like to do with your time and gives them a chance to team up with you and do it together, like: morning jogging, coffee or beer get-together, going to the movies or theatre and many other things. You specify what you like and likeminded people with find you easily.

Who is the BuddyApp for?

I would say it is for everyone who likes good company while doing your favourite things. It can be fun for young people, Expats wanting to settle in and meet new people, travellers looking for locals to hang out with, cooks who want to share cooking experience and tastes, and finally singles – friendship is always a good start to a long term relationship.

Imagine you got 2 tickets for Metalica concert, your buddy got sick and cant go with you. How about you use the BuddyApp to find another Metalica fan and invite him to go with you. Crazy easy.

Wroclaw is just the beginning.

The owners of the BuddyApp have chosen Wroclaw as their starting point, they want to see how locals react to the App and how it will spin it to the next level. I think this was a good choice. So many Expats in Wroclaw wanting to meet new people and explore the city from the non-tourist side. BuddyApp is a new way to meet the locals.

So guys, it is up to you now – do you fancy an adventure?? Go ahead, download the App and see how this works out for you. I will.


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