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29 August 2019
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Kolejkowo – the absolute masterpiece you must see.

A typical Tuesday in Wroclaw doesn’t have to be a typical Tuesday. Personally, I love organising adventures for my child on a week day. First of all, it is way less busy around the attractions so my child gets to see more of it, secondly I hate boring Tuesdays ;). Kolejkowo was our Tuesday treat!

Well, Today’s Tuesday was special. Because of my son’s new interest – Trains, trams, trains and trams, I’ve decided to take him out on an adventure. There is a place in Wroclaw which makes you feel like a giant but deep in side you it wakes up this small kid you used to be. The place is called KOLEJKOWO (Train city).

Kolejkowo Wroclaw

Kolejkowo takes you on an adventure through the miniature world of the trains and trams, cars, little people and tiny Lower Silesian attractions. The people who have built it have huge imaginations as some of those tiny details they thought of give me shivers. Kolejkowo is a fantastic and detailed model of our region. So good that visiting the mini world would give you a good taste of the big one out there. The life of the miniature residents of Kolejkowo is so wisely considered so everyone could have something to set eyes on. It is an immediate WOW effect the moment you enter the place.

I loved it, my 2 year old son loved it even more, my sister was amazed by the work the creators have done. I absolutely recommend this place to you guys – with or without the kids! It is worth the money.


The location of Kolejkowo is symbolic as it is placed in the oldest train stations in Wroclaw – The Świebodzki Station. That’s the absolute heart of the city, close to Plac Orlat Lwowskich and Rynek.


Tickets are 23PLN adults. Youngsters 3-17 year old pay 17PLN. Kids up to 3 year old enter free.

Modelling Classes

Kolejkowo offers special activities for modelling lovers for everyone from age 4. If someone has a talent for it or simply wants to try something new, that is the way to go.


Świebodzki Station
pl. Orląt Lwowskich 20B
tel. +48 880 008 004

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