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27 August 2019
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4 September 2019

GASTROMIASTO – Retro Disco 30.08-01.09

This is going to be a proper Farewell to the Summer 2019 – GASTROMIASTO – Retro Disco 30.08-01.09 is an event which combines our two most favourite party pleasures – DANCE and FEAST! It is the 5th time Wroclaw invites you to dance all night long to the rhythms of Retro music which never dies.

GastroMiasto is not only a party but also a way of promoting Wroclaw’s best food places and their Chefs. You get a unique chance to try different flavours of foods and drinks in one spot at Plac Spoleczny.

The place of the event is a magical venue itself – 19th-century bourgeois brewery which stuns with its architectural beauty. It is a family friendly place so coming with kids makes the food tastes even more special. The food is well priced and the bar well stocked. No one leaves disappointed.

The dance floor will attract even the most stubborn spectators as the DJs there know how to move our body. It is actually a very fun place to go to. You wont find those cheap young Kim Kardashian wannabes there. The people you meet here are just like you, looking for good food and music. Why not then invite your best buddies for a good retro disco to properly farewell the Summer.

“#STREFAKULTURYWROCLAW” – instagram recommendation

I follow on insta “strefakulturywroclaw” and after the last event of the GastroMiasto photo post, Im already dusting my dance shoes and getting ready for some good dose of dance this coming weekend. You should too. Seriously those guys in the pictures looked like the party there was mind-blowing. Everyone was having so much fun. It definitely caught my attention and I will be there for sure this weekend.


Plac Spoleczny
50-153 Wroclaw

GastroMiasto Facebook Page is inviting you to a competition, get on it and win a voucher to one of your favourite food truck at the event.

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