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“Polski na luzie” – FREE Polish language classes for All Expats

Free Polish classes for Expats in Wroclaw who want to be part of our community by learning our language. Young Polish and Ukrainian women came up with a brilliant idea. They catch up every Sunday to learn Polish and meet new people.

The idea was born at a Lower Silesian Women’s Congress, when Monika Suder proposed that she could organise Polish language courses for Ukrainian women. She felt like it was a valuable step to help those foreign women blend into our community and give them a boost of self esteem. This is how the Facebook group of “Polski na luzie” was created.

Mrs Monika Suder – idea creator and a teacher


They are not typical language classes. They read newspapers, magazines, do role-plays and press conferences. Why so? Because these are not typical lessons. – We read newspapers, play scenes, do press conferences, and competitions with prices. Everyone is invited who wants to learn Polish.


Classes take place on EVERY SUNDAY at Wrocław Center for Social Development (Wrocławskie Centrum Rozwoju Społecznego), pl. Dominikański.

TIME: at 17.00 beginners group,
at 18.30 – advanced.

Every nationality is welcome.
Classes are for everyone. It is a great opportunity to learn the language for FREE as well as meeting new people. Who wouldn’t like to expand their list of friends in a place they just start to get to know.

The group of participants is getting bigger, so far there are 50-60 students wanting to learn our language. And as weeks past there is more and more of them. The creator of the group as well as participants pass on the news about the classes to the rest of the Wroclaw world. There are so many Expats wanting to learn our language but can’t afford private classes or don’t like the form of teaching.

If you feel like joining in, go ahead – do it!

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