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Xiaomi! Welcome to Wroclaw.

Exciting news. A very popular company – Xiaomi is about to start a long term cooperation with a Wroclaw’s company JBTS. The owners of JBTS convinced the “Chinese Apple” to settle in Wroclaw making it the 3rd official distribution centre in Poland. Xiaomi is growing super fast, offering technological solutions in almost every field. Their appearance in our city will definitely make it even more attractive to the growing expat community.


JBTS will take care of the sale ecosystem products and the development of the new sales channels. An additional responsibilities will be the online store xiaomi365.pl and allegro customer care. Xiaomi is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world. That is the reason why It is called “Chinese Apple”. It is pretty exciting they are coming to Wroclaw. The market will offer more jobs and attract new Expats to the city.

JBTS background

It is a Wroclaw company that combines modern marketing with its own logistics and distribution network. They focus on innovative ways to reach customers, thus strengthening its leadership position in the distribution of solutions based on the latest technology. JBTS were there first ones to officially introduce Xiaomi technology to Polish clients in 2016. Jakub Tomasiczek and Bartłomiej Sawczyn convinced Chinese Investors to bring their business to Wroclaw.


To me for quite some time there were only Xiaomi Smartphones out there; only recently I have discovered that quite a few of my gadgets were also Xiaomi: headphones, vacuum cleaner, smartwatch. I have found out that there are close to 100 Xiaomi products for domestic use to help out with living. Impressive. I have heard their wireless vacuum cleaner (robot) is amazing. It vacuums and mops with one click in your mobile phone – I want it badly.

XIAOMI Background

The company is quite young, was opened in 2010 and quickly spread around the world. It reached 4th place in the world in smartphone production. Their products are available in over 80 countries in the world. This year, Xiaomi was included in the list of Fortune Global 500 – it took 468 spot on the list.

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