27 July 2019

“Polski na luzie” – FREE Polish language classes for All Expats

Free Polish classes for Expats in Wroclaw who want to be part of our community by learning our language. Young Polish and Ukrainian women came up […]
15 July 2019


Having Kids equals constant decision making – Parents would know. One of the decisions I have to make these days is the right kindergarten for my […]
14 June 2019
Expats schooling nurseries and kindergartens in wroclaw


I’ve done some research on the subject so it is easier for you guys to choose. We all want the best for our children, hopefully the […]
13 May 2019

The prevention of Tooth Decay Program for Primary School Students in Wroclaw

I love catching up with the news from Wroclaw and the neighborhood. Today, I bumped into the article about the above project run by the city […]
19 March 2019
Lionall Interview in English

Our mission is to help Expats – Lionall

Interview with Sandra de Leon-Sotelo, founder of Lionall. The company provides comprehensive assistance to foreigners coming to Poland who are trying to fill the gap in […]
12 February 2019

Live, Study & Work in Poland

How moving places shapes your identity and true self. How to Live abroad and Study & Work in Poland In the age of the pursuit of happiness as in money in every possible currency, I tend […]
7 February 2019

Learn Polish with Poles!- Free of charge

“Wroclaw on tongues of the world” So recently I came by a very nice project that Wroclaw City is running. This project is focused on our […]
4 February 2019

Wroclaw International Schools our Review

They say: “Moving places is hard!”  I say: “Moving places with Kids – Try That!” My biggest worry ever when moving to Poland was that my […]