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Wroclaw International Schools our Review

They say: “Moving places is hard!” 

I say: “Moving places with Kids – Try That!”

My biggest worry ever when moving to Poland was that my son would lose a chance to learn English as his first language. The worry was over when friends told me about International school option in Poland. Ive read a lot about them and must say some have really interesting curriculums and offer a wide range of activities for kids of all ages. Today, I would like to present a few International Schools and Kindergartens in Wroclaw for you to consider when choosing a place for your Monkey!

I’m going to point out a few things about each school, I personally find interesting. These are information grabbed from websites and published with our personal opinion like every mum would have while reading it. If you feel that some information is missing or you would like to share your experience, please you are more than welcome and we will be happy to change, modify or erase it in case it would be needed, do not hesitate to contact admin.

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 American School of Wroclaw

ASW is one of the English-focused private schools open to the kids from all the countries. It teaches kids some multiculturalism for starters.

This school opened in 2011, so far it’s got around 200 students from more than 20 countries. It offers a combination of both Polish and American Curriculum programs for students from Nursery to Grade 8. Their focus is on bilingual competency – Polish and English.

Some good points about the school:

  • They have got their own Library equipped with plenty of books and multimedia packages that combine reading with technology. There is even a Specialist teacher who knows how to get our kids to enjoy reading even more. 
  • ICT Center – computer lab for all grade levels, so our kids are not surprised with what’s to come in the grownups’ world.
  • Catering: breakfast, lunch and snacks – made by chefs on the grounds of school and menu designed by a nutritionist! So relax, your kids won’t get Nutella toasts for their 2nd breakfast. 
  • Uniforms
  • Live Video “Stalking” of your kid in his classroom – what it means? well, you get to watch your child in his classroom on a live streaming video online. So scary! Yet, so cool!
  • Bus Service –  and honestly I think that’s the coolest of all. Door-to-door transportation service for your sweetheart! 
  • 1 hour of Polish daily and the rest is all in English.
  • you can even get a discount if you enrol more than 1 child.


There are 2 groups for our youngest monkeys. All of their lessons are taught in English. Kids this age pick up words like sponges – such a good time to start their English adventure. 

  • Wobblers: 12 to 20 months old
  • Toddlers: 20 to 36 months old


For kids from ages 3 to 6. ASW wants our kids to be able to experiment and learn new classroom behaviours as a preparation for school. There are 3 groups:

  • PRE-KINDERGARTEN – for children aged 3-4 – learning how to read and write in English. Introduction of DAILY ACTIVITIES – which means your child learns about Mathematics or Physical Education during the whole day. These formal lessons are folded into daily activities such as circle time, computer lab time, library time, recess and even free play. Quite interesting!
  • JUNIOR KINDERGARTEN – children from 4 to 5 years old – weekly lesson plans based on a monthly theme.
  • SENIOR KINDERGARTEN – children from 5 to 6 years old – working on your children to master problem-solving skills, mastery of basic addition and subtraction facts. 


Your child is 7 years old – it’s time for the fun ride to School!

ASW apart of working on your child to be the genius of the year is also offering some fun after school activities like Art Club, Lego Club or Science Club. 

Their mission is to maximise the potential of every student through active learning.

Students use digital and hard copy textbooks and do monthly field trips so they see the world and  don’t get too bored in the classroom.



53-031 WROCLAW

PHONE: +48 713336992

E-MAIL: office@asw.org.pl

Check out their gallery on : http://asw.org.pl/gallery/


GRADEDAILY FEEBASIC FEEIncludes onlyTuition fee + FoodPrivate PlaceCompetitionBASIC FEEIncludes onlyTuition fee + FoodEXTENDED FEEIncludes Tuition fee + Food + Activities + camera access

ALL INCLUSIVE Includes Tuition fee + Transportation + Books + Supplies + Trips + Activities + camera access
INFANTS6-12 mths100 PLN1600PLN850PLN

G1 / Zerówka6-72000PLN2500PLN3900PLN
G2 US / G1 PL7-82200PLN2900PLN3900PLN
G3 US / G2 PL8-92200PLN2900PLN3900PLN
G4 US / G3 PL9-102500PLN2900PLN3900PLN
G5 US / G4 PL10-112500PLN3900PLN4900PLN
G6 US / G5 PL11-122500PLN3900PLN4900PLN
G7 US / G6 PL12-132500PLN3900PLN4900PLN
G8 US / G7 PL13-142500PLN3900PLN4900PLN
G9 US / G8 PL14-152500PLN3900PLN4900PLN

Registration fee, non refundable, paid once only: 1500 PLN

The annual fee has been divided to 10 instalments paid from September to June.

The tuition fee includes:

  1. Full care for the Pupils from 7:00 am to 17:30 (Nursery) 17:30 (KG and Primary) from Monday to Friday.
  2. Sports activities organised by the School according to the Physical Education Program, including indoor/outdoor games twice a week.
  3. Music lesson with music specialist twice a week.
  4. Art lessons twice a week.
  5. ICT lessons.
  6. Care and advice of an educational Psychologist.
  7. Care of the school nurse.
  8. Music Concerts / Summer Camp.

The tuition fee doesn’t include Care of Pupils after 17:30pm (Nursery) 17:30 KG and Primary, and price of the Uniform 

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IPS – International Playschool and Primary & secondary school

They’ve opened in 2008, offer 3 stages of education: nursery, playschool and primary &secondary school. Modern, u-shaped building with a patio is quite appealing. 

Here is what they offer:

  • Media Center – computer lab and a library combined. Working areas for group meetings and some technology to make life easier. 
  • Full course meals and snacks prepared by a dietician, cooked onsite. 
  • Nurse Office – just in case!
  • Uniforms for ages 5-14.
  • Access Cards for students and parents – No intruders allowed! 
  • Afternoon classes like art, language, sports etc.
  • MUSIC SCHOOL – they offer some serious classes of music with real life instruments, so your kids can learn piano or violin if they want to. 


There are 2 age groups for bubbas from 12 months to 2 1/2 years old. 

  • Baby Beans: up to 18 months (max 10 children in a group)
  • Tiny Tots : from 18 months (max 12 children in a group)

Some interesting info:

  • monitored classrooms, videos kept for 2 weeks
  • English from the beginning – all classes are in English
  • open Monday- Friday from 7AM – 5:30pm.


For children 2 to 5. There are 3 age groups with max. 16 students each supervised by 2 teachers. 

  • mini players – 2-3 year-olds
  • little learners  – 3-4 year-olds
  • high flyers – 4-5 year olds. 

Playschool is open year-round, Monday to Friday from 7am till 5:30pm.



Focus is the Programme of Inquiry, which integrates various disciplines concerning people and the world around them to promote the best understating of each domain. 

The whole curriculum consists of 6 Units of Inquiry that are aporox. 6-week long.

They believe that the concept-based curriculum allows for deeper understanding of problems and concepts.


They have created their own curriculum based on The Cambridge Primary and Secondary 1 programmes as well as the Polish curriculum. High standards of teaching are regularly verified through internal assessment – Im guessing heaps of stressful exams and tests.

Tuition Fees:

Nursery and Playschool 

Sign-in Fee – one-time, non refundable fee for basically admin work – 990 PLN

Monthly Fee – 1690 PLN – FOOD IN NOT INCLUDED From September 2019 the fee might be changed

Primary & Secondary 

Sing-in Fee – 1390 PLN – one-time fee, non-refundable

Monthly Fee – 2270 PLN (September till June) FOOD AND AFTER SCHOOL CLASSES NOT INCLUDED, From September 2019 the fee might be changed


ul. Drukarska 52

53-312 Wroclaw

Phone: +48 503 188 843

Email: ips@ipschool.pl

Check out their Gallery: http://ipschool.pl/en

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Wroclaw International School

This school became on DEC 2010 a fully authorised school for the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and the Middle Years Programme (MYP) of the International Baccalaureate and in May 2011 they got the authorization as an IB World School. In 2014 they got the authorization for IB Diploma (DP). And It is considered the most modern school building in the country, so imagine what they must have in that school. WIS and ATUT are part of FEM, an International Education Organisation. I would go there just for a field trip if I was you. Nice to check out some architectural beauties 😉 but not only because they are the longest experienced in the market.

Let see what they offer:

  • the specialist labs (biology, chemistry, physics), big sport halls, humanities rooms, fully equipped, international library with a reading room, spacious auditorium, theatre hall and cafeteria. 
  • max 20 kids per class.
  • teachers from English speaking countries like New Zealand, Great Britain, America. 
  • PRIMARY School: age 3 to 12. Components are: six transdisciplinary themes, six subjects areas, as well as transdisciplinary skills. 
  • MIDDLE YEAR School: 12-16. a programme that provides a framework that encourages them to make connections between traditional subjects and the real world.
  • HIGH SCHOOL: a challenging two-year course of study designed to prepare high school students ages 16-19 for university. The IB diploma is recognised and well regarded by the world’s leading universities.
  • WOLVES basketball team and Soccer team and other Athletic Programmes.
  • After school classes: from knitting, scrapbooking, ceramics, music, dance, ballet, science, swimming, embroidery to computer cluband more.
  • Managebic Portal – online portal where parents and teachers meet and discuss kid’s school progress. 

– It also counts with KINDERGARTEN

check out their gallery : www.wis.fem.org.pl/project/campus-center-of-international-education/


ul. Racławicka 101, 53-149 Wrocław, Poland

Phone: +48 71 782 26 24

Email: wis@fem.org.pl

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 7.45 a.m. – 3.45 p.m. (Central European Time)

Fees: 4000zl per month

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This school follows the British curriculum delivered in an international context. Combined with extensive sporting, creative and experiential learning opportunities, our students follow a programme which is academically rigorous and yet develops understanding beyond the classroom.

The Curriculum is organised on the basis of key stages:


Key Stage 1– Years 1-2 ages 5-7
Key Stage 2– Years 3-6 ages 7-11


Key Stage 3Years 7-9 ages 11-13
Key Stage 4 (iGCSE)Years 10-11 ages 13-16
Sixth Form  (A-Levels)Years 12-13 ages 16-18

  • school offers quite a list of after class activities from Korean club to swimming lessons, list available on their website : https://bisc.wroclaw.pl/activities.html
  • school organises school camps – week-long trips.
  • EAL support for kids with no English
  • English is the language of instruction in all stages of the school.
  • Students may join the school at any time during the year.


The British International School of Wrocław

al. Akacjowa 10-12
53-134 Wrocław


+48 (71) 796 68 61

wroclaw [at] bisc.wroclaw.pl

Tuition Fees:

Monthly fee (Year 1 – 13)- 4,473 PLN(No FOOD, trips, after class activities, cost of exams included)

Registration fee – 2,171 PLN

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This school follows IB Diploma Programme. Students learn here for 3 years:

Year 10 – preIB (preparatory year before commencing one’s education in IBDP)

Year 11 – (Year 1 of IBDP)

Year 12 –  (Year 2 of IBDP)

  • English is the language of instructions from preIB Year
  • school offers education based on coexistence of cultures, openmindedness, multinational community of teachers and students (American, Italian, Korean, Polish, French, Mexican, Ukrainian, Russian, Chinese, Indian, Philippine, Pakistani, etc).

library, gym hall, locker room, wifi, computer lab.

EKOLA offers also Polish-English Primary School and Middle School, both following Polish National Curriculum.

Tuition fees:

– Year 10 (preIB) – 1500 PLN tuition fee per month 

– Year 11 and 12 (Year 1 and 2 of the two-year IB Diploma Program) – 1800 PLN tuition per month.

– one-time registration fee for the whole education period in our school – 1800 PLN 

– textbooks set – 1100 PLN for Year 10; 1400 PLN for Years 11 and 12 (one set for two years of IBDP) 

– IB Diploma exam session – 632 EURO paid in the last year (Year 12) of education 


ul. Ojca Beyzyma 1753-204 Wrocław

e-mail: ise@ekola.edu.pl

Phone: K. +48 785 850 868


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ATUT – bilingual school of Wroclaw

This is a non international school, but a Private Polish School. They have over 25 years of experience in teaching, which is quite impressive. They offer classes in English and Polish. The amount of hours of English increases every year so students can reach advanced level of English at the end of their studies. 

Some interesting facts about the school:

IB programme following Polish curriculum

  • classes are in Polish and in English depending on the Grade. 
  • Amazing Sport programme Wolves gives kids opportunity to develop their sportsmen skills and passion.
  • school is located in the same building as WIS, the “architectural beauty” as mentioned earlier.
  • the specialist labs (biology, chemistry, physics), big sport halls, humanities rooms, fully equipped, international library with a reading room, spacious auditorium, theatre hall and cafeteria. 
  • WOLVES basketball team and Soccer team and other Athletic Programmes.
  • After school classes: from knitting, scrapbooking, ceramics, music, dance, ballet, science, swimming, embroidery to computer club and more.

School levels:

Grade 0 – a kind of a kindergarten with some early schooling involved

1-3 Grades Primary School

Grade 4-7 Middle School


ul. Racławicka 101, 53-149 Wrocław, Poland

Phone:  71 782 26 27

e-mail: rekrutacja@fem.org.pl

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 7.45 am – 3.45 pm

Yearly Fee 

11 330 zł

(possible instalment payments)

Registration fee 

1850 PLN

(refundable in case of the application withdrawal)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Navigo.png


This school has caught my attention for some innovative way of teaching. They claim they know what kids really need when it comes to school and learning new things. Their way is to give them as much of stress free learning environment as possible. They believe they have created a better place for kids to learn new things and explore the world. This is their way to prepare kids for the adulthood and apparently it does work in Finland where the idea came from.  

  • No much sitting in classroom learning from textbooks, they invite children to field trips, growing their own veggie garden or learn about real animals, doing their own experiments in the lab and preparing their own trip budgets for math class.
  • Free of homework, all will be doing within school hours.
  • No marks, except for the yearly mark which is obligatory by the national schooling system.
  • English language focused – they want kids to be bilingual by the end of school time.
  • Regular resting. 
  • Practical technology use like programming or cyber research.
  • Real focus on responsibility.
  • Focus on extra activities depending on kids interests and skills
  • Developing kids talents – school believes that every child has a talent and it is teacher’s job to help him find it.

This is a truly fantastic school – I wish I could go to a school like this one when I was a child, however Im not sure if I would like my child to attend one like that. I wouldn’t be convinced if this school has the right tools to prepare my child for the adulthood. 


NAVIGO – Centrum Innowacyjnej Edukacji

ul. Sudecka 98

53-129 Wrocław

Phone: (+48) 533 110 125

Email: szkola@navigo.szkola.pl

Please, click download and you will have the comparison table we did for you.

These informations were taken on February 2019, some change may occur. All the above information were taken from the school websites!

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