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7 February 2019
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12 February 2019

Learn Polish with Poles!- Free of charge

“Wroclaw on tongues of the world”

So recently I came by a very nice project that Wroclaw City is running. This project is focused on our Foreign Friends living and working among us in Wroclaw.  

According to Bureau of Statistics, Poland is on the second place on the list of  countries chosen by Expats to live in.

Wroclaw is the 3rd largest office area in Poland for international companies and Polish too. 

As a result of those statistics, the city of Wroclaw decided that it is time to encourage our foreign residents to get familiar with the Polish language. The city came up with an idea of doing a tandem class of Polish, which means that each person wanting to learn Polish would get a native speaker to pair up with in order to practice Polish. Such a good way of getting to know the language, new friends and the city – as the best way to get to know the places is with locals. 

The campaign aims at:

  • helping the Expats to learn our language so they could participate in the daily life of the local community and feel like part of it too
  • getting the Polish residents to integrate with the foreign residents 
  • supporting Expats in their process of adapting and learning our language. 

If you wish to participate in this adventure,

go to website 


to register yourself. (English Version of the page available)

All classes are FREE so no need to worry about the fees. If you prefer to have a group class rather than one-on-one, gather a group of friends and register as a group. Then, it is easier for the teacher to prepare all necessary materials and arrange a suitable place for the class.

On the website wnjs.pl you can also find a map with pined placed of meetings for tandem classes, there are plenty around the city, so it is easily accessible for everyone. 

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