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6 February 2019
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7 February 2019

Wrocek- The President’s new office cat

As a Wroclaw lover, I have a strong urge to follow Wroclaw’s steps either on Instagram or other means of information. As a result of my strong admiration for this city, I have found out that the current  President of Wroclaw Jacek Sutryk is a man of kind heart and love for animals, which in my option are two very important human behaviours. 

Immanuel Kant once said:

“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals”.

Which is why, the President has stolen peoples’ hearts when he has recently adopted an abandoned cat and named it Wrocek – How cute! 

The owners of the cat were not allowed to bring the cat on board of the bus, so they left him there in a cage with food and water. It was found and taken care of by the POLBUS employees.

I just love those kind of stories. They make you feel like this world still has a chance to be a better one for our kids! 🙂

The President decided to make the cat  – the resident of the City Council and asked the citizens of Wroclaw to take part in the poll in order to find the most suitable name for the pet. Luckily, 1600 residents responded and the proud name Wrocek was given to the cat. 

The President Jacek Sutryk is a big advocate of animal adoption, so he encourages all people to adopt rather than buy pets from breeders.

I personally adopted the cutest puppy ever from a shelter and that was my best decision ever. 

For years, the City Council has been helping homeless animals and encourages adoption – for example, it provides the opportunity to train dogs adopted from a shelter, or finances behavioural advice in particularly difficult cases.

So, if you are thinking of getting a pet: a dog or a cat, please go visit a nearby shelter even for playtime, a short stroll or a long walk around the area. You can have a fantastic chance of getting to know dogs and cats, feed them or play with them. What’s even more important, the animals will receive some attention and love they all need.

Here is also a list of things you could bring along, useful for the animals and the shelter:

  • newspapers,
  • collars, leashes, muzzles
  • toys for animals (eg balls, cat mice, pullers)
  • bedding for animals
  • cat scratchers
  • animal care products (eg shampoo, brushes)
  • vegetables, fruits and dry bread for sheep, pigs and ducks
  • dry food, however it is important it is good quality – better buy 10kg good dry food rather than 50kg poor quality food!


Shelter for Homeless Animals in Wroclaw

– you can do a virtual walk around the shelter on their website – try it out!


ul. Ślazowa 2

51-007 Wrocław

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