14 May 2019
Miquel Garau Ginard Clean Action Poznan

Miquel Garau Ginard – Spanish Expat cleaning Poznan

Today I would love to tell you about a Spaniard living in Poznan who has got the same vision for Poland as me – we both […]
19 March 2019
Lionall Interview in English

Our mission is to help Expats – Lionall

Interview with Sandra de Leon-Sotelo, founder of Lionall. The company provides comprehensive assistance to foreigners coming to Poland who are trying to fill the gap in […]
19 March 2019
Flats to start assisting with rent expenses for new house buyers in the first years of the lease. And here are the news : IT ALSO APPLIES TO FOREIGNERS!


In this post, I would love to tell you more about my new findings. They are actually pretty exciting. So, I have started to search out […]
11 March 2019
Nataliia Tkachuk_Just_a_bag_Women_Week_Lionall

Successful Expat Woman – Nataliia Tkachuk!

This is a week devoted entirely to Women who did not stand back and watch others succeed. The women I would like to introduce to you […]
6 March 2019
International Women Day Wroclaw 8 March Festival Lionall Relocation Translation Concert


Women this is Your time to shine! How amazing that we can do whatever and whenever nowadays without being mocked or underestimated. Some call it women’s […]
15 February 2019

Eco and Craft Market, Bazar Dawna Pralnia – A loft design

Where to Shop when Ikea’s too busy or Carrefour’s too boring! In this post I would love to invite you over to a magical place, a […]
6 February 2019

Massage and physiotherapy – our recommendation

Today’s post is going to be about something really pleasant. This year seems to be a special year for me because I have moved back to […]
21 June 2018

Interviewed by Gazeta Wroclawska

It has past quite a long time 🙋‍♀️ since our last and unique post, we have been very busy and honestly, when someone starts a company […]