11 March 2019
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19 March 2019


In this post, I would love to tell you more about my new findings. They are actually pretty exciting. So, I have started to search out for a new place for myself and my baby boy. Since the centre of my life is now going to be in Poland, I need a new place to call home. My friend, who just moved into his new apartment, told me about a project our “wise” government has come up with. It is called ”Flats to start”. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki came up with this brilliant idea which has recently been signed by President Andrzej Duda. 

Flats to start program for rent subsidies

The project is about assisting with rent expenses for new house buyers in the first years of the lease. And here are the news : IT ALSO APPLIES TO EXPATS! 

It allows the expats to receive additional payments for rent, just like the Poles. 

Any person who has Polish citizenship or is a foreigner residing in Poland on the basis of the title indicated in the Act, for example in connection with the provision of work, will be able to apply for state aid

The “Flat for start” project signed by the President of the Republic of Poland allows foreigners to apply for rent subsidies for a period of 15 years. The program was planned to start at the beginning of 2019. The amounts will be determined by local councils basing on the income and the number of family members.

Conditions for receiving a payment for rent:

Grant to rent a flat in Wroclaw

▪The tenant must be an individual not business

  • a Polish citizen or a foreigner legally residing in Poland.  
  • the tenant cannot be an existing owner of another property.  
  • the income and number of family members determines the amount of funding.
  • The flat must be settled for the first time, except for investments covered by the Special Revitalisation Zone.

▪Meeting additional criteria defined by the local council

  • Ability to pay rent on time

Where should I lodge my application?

Local Council is the place to go. They are responsible for finalising agreements with the investors and preparing the offer to the interested parties. They will select tenants based on predetermined conditions, motivated by local housing and social situation.

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What documents are attached to the application?

  1. a copy of a flat rental agreement
  2. a statement on the number of persons making up the household of the tenant and a statement on the amount of household  income combined for the period subject to examination

So if you think that you are eligible for the funding, go ahead and try your chances. GOOD LUCK!

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