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Successful Expat Woman – Nataliia Tkachuk!
11 March 2019
Flats to start assisting with rent expenses for new house buyers in the first years of the lease. And here are the news : IT ALSO APPLIES TO FOREIGNERS!
19 March 2019
Raquel Gonzalez a Bag Designer a Fighter and a Woman Expat - Lionall

Internet is such a good source of information, I always bump into interesting things, news, or stories about fascinating people, just like Raquel Gonzaleza handbag designer and maker, who is my muse for today’s post. 

Usually, I read the headline of a story, if I don’t like it, I go to the next one, if I like it, I must know the end.

Why Raquel Gonzalez caught my attention?

Because she is an Expat and a Mother of 2 who achieved her success regardless of the country of residence and most importantly health conditions. Raquel runs her Blog about her journey from the moment she learnt about a lump in her breast. The rough time no one could ever imagine unless has gone through the same situation. The blog is about the strength she found in herself to fight the cancer in the meantime of running and developing her life goal which was the handbag business. So basically the cancer gave her a kick in the ass to chase the dream. 

She was born in Costa Rica, lived in NYC and Paris, but ended up with her hubby in Israel. Her main goal is to share her passionate designs with the fashion world and build a growing connection between that world and her creations. Her cancer diagnosis came in a year ago, over that time she managed to make new business deals and collaborate with other artists. She is packed with work, but hopes for more. 

My purpose of telling you about this person is clear: 


you came a long way with your partners to settle down in Poland and make it your home. That is an example of big strength in you and bravery. So now if you have hidden talents, business ideas, busy mind, or simply get-out-of-the-house attitude, go ahead and make it real. Poland is in need of strong and creative minds. Raquel showed us that her dream of designing and making handbags has come true, although life has thrown some rocks at her on the way. She did not stop. There are plenty of women like her who would move for love and for family, but it doesn’t mean you have to put your life aside to let your partner succeed. Nowadays, the internet and social media help make the dreams come true and if it doesn’t work out, well, try another idea. Life doesn’t end here. 

Good Luck Fellas!


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