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13 May 2019
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16 May 2019

Miquel Garau Ginard – Spanish Expat cleaning Poznan

Today I would love to tell you about a Spaniard living in Poznan who has got the same vision for Poland as me – we both want to see Poland Clean and Sparkle. 

The first time I have heard about him was via a friend who watched the interview with him on polish Tv. He was amazed to see an Expat caring for Poland like it was his own country. Frankly, I wish Poles cared for Poland like Miguel does every day.

Miquel Garau Ginard comes from Mallorca, Spain. He moved to Poznań six months ago. Previously, Miguel lived in Barcelona and started his cleaning action there. He has Chileans and Mexicans joining his good causeat that time. After moving to Poland, he decided to encourage Poznań residents to clean their hometown too. Miguel takes garbage bags every day, puts on gloves and cleans garbage on the streets of Poznan. And when he has finished cleaning, he leaves a bag or a card with the inscription “is this yours?”. As he claims – it works. 

His way of starting the day is, instead of the gym, collecting rubbish from the streets of Poznan. Every day for an hour he goes out to clean up our world – it is amazing! He is a true example to follow. 

”I wanted people to talk about it, so I asked if  “was yours? and people started to wonder. Usually, when I finish the action, I do not take all this junk, I just leave it for a few weeks to let people see it. If I took it from here, nobody would see it. And we have to talk about it. I wanted to show how much I collected in only one hour. This is my message!

Miquel said

He also makes sure the social media takes good part in his actions, he uploads the photos of collected trash to show everyone that it doesn’t take a crowd or too much time to make a change. This is his way to encourageothers to do what he does – they devote 10 minutes to clean up rubbish in the city.

“I want to live on a clean planet, join me!”

he writes in posts. And more and more people join his action.

When I moved back to Poland over 6 months ago, I also noticed how much rubbish there is in the streets, parks, playgrounds and even forests. I have spent quite a lot of time at my mom’s place in the village and it shocks me every time how dirty the place is. It is not a city, so why is it so difficult to keep it clean. Every time I go out for a walk with my son, I also take gloves and rubbish bags and I pick up what’s left behind. Once, I have collected 4 full bags of rubbish from a very small forest near the village. It was sad. I do not want my son to grow up seeing this. The change starts from you, so instead of just having a comment about it, take acton like Miguel and others.  

Unfortunately, we can’t change people who don’t care, but we can show them we do!!!,43/hiszpan-codziennie-sprzata-poznan-i-rzuca-wyzwanie-prezydentowi,922720.html

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