EXPAT Checklist – 90 days before moving to Poland
11 December 2017
Expats Checklist – 60 days Prior Moving + Template
23 August 2018

Interviewed by Gazeta Wroclawska

It has past quite a long time ?‍♀️ since our last and unique post, we have been very busy and honestly, when someone starts a company by first time, there are many tings and subjects to take care of, Marketing, Tools, Clients, Administration Papers, Taxes, Business Strategies, etc. It is quite challenging to start any kind of association in your home town so in one that is not, it is kind of stress ?, but i am happy to announce that this big effort, nights finding the best way to enter in the market, to understand all the administration procedures, etc has given us a great new, ?


So, if you would like to know more about our mission, business and how we are doing, i highly recommend you to click on the following link ? http://www.gazetawroclawska.pl/strefa-biznesu/a/nasza-misja-jest-pomaganie-obcokrajowcom,13271531/

There is only one small problem?‍♀️, the interview is in Polish… Soon (i hope next week) the interview will be translated into English but in meantime, you can use Google Translate to have an idea what the interview was about, I am not usually recommending such tool but we have to recognise it is not sooo bad in terms of a quick help.

We expect you like it and we are looking forward to reading your comments.

Lionall’s Team wishes you a very lovely day! ?

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