19 February 2019

TAX in Poland

Let’s get things straight about taxes in Poland. Since I haven’t lived in this country for so long, I’m learning about taxes just like you. With […]
18 February 2019


THE SAILING SONG AND FOLK MUSIC FESTIVAL IN WROCLAW 28/2 – 3/03 So, about a week ago, this old friend of mine came up with an […]
18 February 2019


Imagine my situation, after a 14h flight from Sydney to Frankfurt, where I was supposed to have a 3 hours stopover, I found out my next […]
15 February 2019

Eco and Craft Market, Bazar Dawna Pralnia – A loft design

Where to Shop when Ikea’s too busy or Carrefour’s too boring! In this post I would love to invite you over to a magical place, a […]
12 February 2019

Live, Study & Work in Poland

How moving places shapes your identity and true self. How to Live abroad and Study & Work in Poland In the age of the pursuit of happiness as in money in every possible currency, I tend […]
7 February 2019

Learn Polish with Poles!- Free of charge

“Wroclaw on tongues of the world” So recently I came by a very nice project that Wroclaw City is running. This project is focused on our […]
7 February 2019

Wrocek- The President’s new office cat

As a Wroclaw lover, I have a strong urge to follow Wroclaw’s steps either on Instagram or other means of information. As a result of my […]
6 February 2019

Massage and physiotherapy – our recommendation

Today’s post is going to be about something really pleasant. This year seems to be a special year for me because I have moved back to […]
4 February 2019

Wroclaw International Schools our Review

They say: “Moving places is hard!”  I say: “Moving places with Kids – Try That!” My biggest worry ever when moving to Poland was that my […]