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Where & what to eat- Reviews

Instagram Profile Highlight!

Today on the spotlight is “wroclawskiepodrozekulinarne” which you can translate as “Wroclaw culinary travels” by Piotr Gładczak. His website is also a good source of food info for everyone, if you want to check it out, go to

Why is this my choice for today? Well, this instagram profile has 20.5K followers and 2339 posts of  good-looking, finger-licking and mind-blowing dishes. The best thing though about this profile is the tried out tips from residents on where to eat, what to eat and how to find good food in Wroclaw.

Thanks to this profile we find out that Wroclaw is not only about Pierogi and Zapiekanki but it has a wide variety of deliciousness from Asian food to American Burgers, Im pretty sure you would find some Australian kangaroo steak if you followed closely “wroclawskiepodrozekulinarne”.


Personally, I have tried quite a few places from the list. I adore good food and absolutely appreciate good wine.


My choices so far:




Oh God! Food is Heaven! Freshly baked breads and rolls, mouth watering poached eggs on toasts and that famous shakshuka! Well, they’ve got a wide offer on the menu so if you go there, go really hungry and order a few plates. We live just once!

Let me mention also the coffee! Im an expert, moving back from coffee heaven Sydney I truly regret not taking my Barista with me, it has really hard to find that well trained Barista in Wroclaw who is not going to burn your espresso. Di Cafe has got THE Barista. The coffee has a rich aftertaste and inviting aroma, and really you feel like ordering another take away coffee after having all that food, so you can sip it on your way back home.


Let me tell you, go and try it out!



Location: ul. Powstancow Slaskich 95, Wroclaw 53-332, Poland

Phone: +48 789 100 650


LUNCH: “Mo’jo Sandwiches”


Those guys really know how to fill up your sandwiches with yummy fillings. Juicy and meaty stuffings will blow your mind and you will be asking for more. Sure thing!

Fantastic tastes and great service! Well done Wroclaw!




Location: Swietego Mikolaja 15, Wroclaw 50-102, Poland

Phone: +48 575 817 663


DINNER: “Bernard”


Perhaps, Im not telling you anything new. You already know that the food there is beyond ridiculous – in such a positive way you can’t imagine! Never disappointed me. Whenever we catch up with old friends in the Square, we always end up at Bernard’s. Delicious food, fantastic drinks, amazing customer service. Love their Goulash and steak and even fries taste better there or maybe it’s just me and too many drinks so everything seems tastier. Who knows?! Bernard definitely knows the drill!



Location: 35 Rynek, Wroclaw 50-102, Poland

Phone: +48 508 054 037 

I’m going to explore more this subject in the future as my food travels through the streets of Wroclaw are not finished yet. There are so many places to try and taste. Yum!

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