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Kids Winter Break

KIDS WINTER BREAK “Ferie” — Here are some ideas to keep your fellas busy

Every year there is this time when kids are on school break. As much as we don’t want them to waste their time in front of the laptop, tv, phone or other devices – they end up doing so.

Well, there are some ideas for you to keep them busy without the help of the technologies.

1. ANIMAL ADVENTURE AT ARKADY : The mall Arkady Wroclawskie is offering an amazing animal adventure during the break. Kids will get a chance to learn about animal world, how to read different traces and find out where specific species occur. Fishing enthusiasts will be able to train their skill in a specially prepared pond for the occasion. There will be painting corners and a mini-hockey tournament; All that topped with prizes and face painting for the brave ones. Sounds like a good place to go to with the little ones indeed.

Date: 27/01 – 3/02 at 11am

Centrum Handlowe Arkady Wrocławskie
ul. Powstańców Śląskich 2-4
53-333 Wrocław

2. POLISH SOUNDSCAPES – Art Gallery welcomes kids

    age 10-14

A great opportunity for all the kids interested in Art and life of an Actor/ theatre performer.
Professional actors offer pantomime classes – the connection between the physical expression of the body, performative activities and new media.
Kids will learn through the workshop how the movement affects the image and sound; and how the body can be provoked to work along with the media tools. Actors will teach the kids the elements of improvisation, creative writing, theatre exercises with elements of pantomime technique.
Very creative way to wake an artistic soul in your child.

Workshop schedule: 29/01 – 1/02
Kids age: 10-14 years old
Centrum Sztuki WRO
ul. Widok 7
50-052 Wrocław

How to sign up: https://pik.wroclaw.pl/poruszony-widok-ferie-we-wroclawiu/
Fill out the form and send it through the website

3. POLISH SOUNDSCAPES – Art Gallery welcomes kids

    age 6-10

An amazing way to use your mobile phone! You would be surprised what the Art Gallery thought of.
Kids are invited to use their phones to LISTEN! They will be encouraged to bring their own phones to be able to make videos about things they can hear outdoor. They will be given instructions on how to listen to hear things and make something artistic out of it. Fantastic way to show kids that there is more to do with the phone than texting or youtube watching.

Date: 7 lutego 2019, 15:00
Kids age: 6-10

Centrum Sztuki WRO
ul. Widok 7
50-052 Wrocław

Sign up on : https://pik.wroclaw.pl/co-slychac-ferie-we-wroclawiu/

4. EkoZima – EcoWinter

Wroclaw is inviting kids age 7-10 to their Winter Academy. There are so many things to learn about the world, nature, ecology and recycling. To make the world a better place we need to educate the youngest. They are the world’s hope.
Science games and experiments will encourage kids to learn more about the subject. They will be shown how to re-use things that seem to be only suitable for being thrown out. Amazing initiative.

Volunteers from other countries will participate in this fantastic idea, so bring kids along and let them change the world!

The schedule:

Monday 28/01
“Objects second life”; workshops and integration games, 3D glasses making.

Tuesday 29/1
Face masks making; games and activities, performance preparation

Wednesday 30/1
T-shirt second life; science classes; multicultural workshops with volunteers

Thursday 31/1
sport games; Eco-jewelery making, science classes “Bombers’ Bombers” and other activities.

Friday 1/02
Field Trip and artistic workshops with volunteers

Classes take place from 8.00-16.00.

Participants are guaranteed a warm meal, all necessary workshop materials and good fun.

Attention! Work in small groups, the number of places is limited.

Date: 28/01 – 1/02 start 8am

Centrum Kultury „ZAMEK”
pl. Świętojański 1
54-076 Wrocław

5. LOOPY’S WORLD – Ice cold fun time!

This option is for ice cold loving kids. It is truly magical and exciting.
Kids will get a chance to get lost and found in the ice labyrinth and unravel the mystery of melting ice. Explorers will find out why it is always cold in the Arctic. How is it possible that the Sun shines there for 24 hours? Who wouldn’t like to know all that???
What a great time to be a child!!!

Animations – every day from 12:00, 15:00 and 17:00 between 26.01 – 10/02.

Loopy’s World
ul. Czekoladowa 20
55-040 Kobierzyce, Bielany Wrocławskie

6. Zoo adventure

Wroclaw Zoo is also inviting our Kids to Their Exotic Encounters. Everyone is welcome, all kids from the age of 5 are welcome to join their activities in the AFRICAN JUNGLE.
If your kids are in love with the Zoo, take them straight there. During a two-hour walk around AFRICA, the participants will have a unique opportunity to meet with the guardians of sharks, hippos, kittens, penguins and manatees. That will be their time to ASK as many QUESTIONS as they can possible come up with.

Daily Schedule:

11:10 – meet up with an educator
11:30 – Red Sea: coral reef
11:45 am – East Africa: Nile hippos,
12:05 – Mozambique Channel: sharks and rays,
12:30 – African and African penguins,
12:50 – Congo jungle: manatees – ordinary, unusual water mammals,
13:10 – finish.

Tickets are available at the Customer Service Point (in front of the ZOO cash desks).

Those with annual admission cards pay only for “Exotic Meetings” 10 PLN / person.

Group size: 10 – 25 people.

Attention! The number of places is limited.

ZOO Wrocław sp. z o.o.
ul. Z. Wróblewskiego 1-5
51-618 Wrocław

7. 5 day long winter break at FIKOLKI – Monkey Place!

If you run out of ideas, time or energy and your Child is still wanting more adventure, take him on a 5 day break to Fikolki. It is the best place to tire them off. Fikolki offer to take care of your child, feed and entertain all day long. It’s like school but just for FUN TIME! Your kids will be grateful for this treat.

5-day break for children

    from 5 years


– catering and care of professional camp counsellors
– fun, fun, fun
– culinary workshops, art, handicrafts
– motion games, gymnastics, playing in the snow
– experimenting, robotics & LEGO
– educational and integration games
– trips to: bowling club, cinema, museums, monuments

Sign up on: https://pik.wroclaw.pl/polkolonie-w-fikolkach-ferie-we-wroclawiu/

Sala Zabaw Fikołki – Centrum Handlowe Wroclavia
ul. Sucha 1
50-086 Wrocław

8. GO JUMP – sport activities for Kids

Trampoline Park is inviting our kids to move your body and sweat a bit during this winter break. They are offering workshops and creative activities to encourage our kids to choose sports over iPad this winter. If you know your child loves jumping around, take this monkey there and let him be himself (under supervision).


    age 5-12.

Price includes:

– Care of qualified coaching staff from 7:30 to 16:30
– Interesting sports and educational activities from 8:15-16:00
– Acrobatic classes
– Admission to the adventure zone
– Malumika trip, each participant will receive a self-made plate or cup
– 2nd breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea – provided by a catering company
– Tickets,
– Awards in competitions,
– Additional insurance NNW
– A commemorative diploma for each participant

There are Discounts for siblings:

    10% for the second child.

Date: 28/01-8/02 from 7:30am

GoJump Wroclaw Park Trampolin
ul. Jana Dlugosza 59-75
51-162 Wroclaw

price: 499zl

9. Los Gatos – Language Course for Kids – Spanish and German Workshops

If you feel like your kids need some extra attention into their language skills. Send them over to the language workshops. Through games and fun activities with other kids and some professionals they can definitely polish up their Spanish or German.

    Kids: class 6,7,8.

Price: 450zl

Date: 28/1-8/2 from 9am

LOS GATOS – hiszpański z pasją – Promenady Wrocławskie
ul. Zakładowa 11U / 25
50-231 Wrocław

10. Sportsmen Heaven!

Football is life, he says! Olympic Wroclaw is inviting your kids to join their winter football intensive course. Your future ZiZu will thank you for this. Doing what you love is what you want for you child.

Half-day care includes:
– breakfast and lunch every day
– water
– access to the sports base
– insurance NNW
– tickets for trips to e.g. the Aquapark, Multikino, Trampolines Park, bowling club, Loops’y World(trainer will make the choice of trip)
– school supplies
– participation in the football tournament
– MPK tickets
– remuneration of the training staff

Stowarzyszenie „Olympic” Wrocław – Piłkarska Akademia Mistrzów
ul. Legnicka 65
54-206 Wrocław

Ask for more details: 537 32 30 56, akademia@olympic

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