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27 May 2019
Thai Restaurant in Wroclaw
Pad Tha Thai – Wroclaw
30 May 2019

Selfie Cafe – Wroclaw

Well, I promised I would let you know about a good coffee place when I find one – so I did. 

Selfie Cafe

Selfie Cafe is a place where you can surprise your other half with the big question basically “printed” on the coffee or you can take your birthday buddy for a birthday coffee in style.

What kind of coffee are you? ☕️

Seriously, I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s fun and entertaining and the coffee is pretty good. Those guys have a special printer to print on the milk froth – that’s the magic these days.

Printed Milk

33 Kuznicza Street – Rynek.  

A beautiful place to enjoy a cup of coffee

They also have some good tea and the cakes are mouthwatering. Well, I’d be heading there for Mother’s day if I was you. They offer 15% discount for ALL MOTHERS! Thank you Selfie Cafe!

And handsome Barista Piotr ? is another reason for a tasty LATTE. 

☕️ Enjoy!

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