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9 July 2019
15 July 2019

Chinese-European Festival of Culture and Art 16-21st July

Today, I would love to invite you all to a special event which is the Chinese- European Festival of Culture and Art which is taking place in Wroclaw. This is a symbolic celebration of the diplomatic relationship between Poland and China. It is also the 70th anniversary of the friendship.

For the occasion a group of 150 talented musicians from China will visit Wroclaw to participate in the special instrumental and vocal performance open to the public. The Wroclaw music school and its teachers will run the festival.

This is the 3rd edition of this Festival in Europe. The organiser is China Beijing Da Tang Jing Chi Culture Development.

I believe events like this one strengthens the international integration and cooperation. The distance between the two countries is big but that shouldn’t stop us from learning new cultures. Good on you Wroclaw! Im sure Chinese Visitors will have a blast in Wroclaw.

This event is also the first one co-organised by the Wrocław Academy of Music with a partner from Beijing. An important aspect of the project is that Wroclaw audience will get a chance to watch different presentations of the music in one place : Chinese, Polish, and European.

Festival events which are open to the public are:

Opening Ceremony of the Festival on the 16th of July at 16.30
Final concert with the participation of the orchestra and Chinese soloists an the 21st of July at 19.00

The program of the final concert includes music by composers Michał Moc, Stanisław Krupowicz, Igor Stravinsky, Giuseppe Verdi and Chinese traditional music.

I personally think that people interested in this rich and extremely interesting Chinese culture should pencil it in as a MUST SEE event. Such an occasion to watch and listen to Polish Artists teaming up with Chinese ones on one stage. You may not afford going to China, so why not see a little bit of China in Wroclaw 🙂 You are all welcome to the Chinese-European Festival of Culture and Art in Wroclaw.

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