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12 February 2019
18 February 2019

Eco and Craft Market, Bazar Dawna Pralnia – A loft design

Where to Shop when Ikea’s too busy or Carrefour’s too boring!

In this post I would love to invite you over to a magical place, a place where human craftsmanship and eco fresh products are given a chance to shine. 

This place is called the Former Laundry (Polish name is “Dawna Pralnia”), located at 180 Krakowska st  in Wroclaw. It is a market place established to give a chance to artists, designers, buyers, and healthy food followers to meet up in one place

So, if you fancy natural cosmetics with no silicone or parabens, or fresh fruit and veggies without the “chemical aftertaste” or you are looking for a truly innovative gift that is not available in a chain store, simply go visit the Laundry Market at Krakowska st. 

Some of the products available at the market:

  • Organic vegetables,
  • fruits, spices,
  • certified meat,
  • cereal, nuts and dried fruit,
  • oils,
  • cheese,
  • sausages,
  • country butter,
  • real thickened cream,
  • milk,
  • breads,
  • healthy snacks and sweets,
  • and even clothes and ceramics. 

My absolute favorite from the market is the multiflora honey from Bee-garden GUTEK. Oh, I love my slice of bread with that sweet and sticky golden spread with a bit of white cottage cheese or Philadelphia cream cheese- that’s a sweet end to my everyday breakfast. (Must-try!)

The postindustrial surrounding is creating a special atmosphere for shopping, so don’t get surprised when you buy too much or buy too many. Just go with the flow, and remember you are the special one to support local producers. That is already something to show off about. 

In winter, the market hides away in the warehouse K2, but during spring and summer all those market stalls come outdoor so the fresh air and Sun-touched colors of the fresh produce invite us to relax while shopping. Glorious! 

Entrance to the market is absolutely free. So, bring your Family or Bring your friends and enjoy the good vibe of the Market. 


Warehouse K2

180 Krakowska st


Opening times:

Tuesdays 12-18

Fridays 12-18

Sundays 10-15

Instagram “bazardawnapralnia”

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