4 May 2019
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5 May 2019


So today I’m putting Polish Organic Cosmetics on the spotlight! Why? Because we all deserve best quality and remarkable results

We all know that shopping gives us headache whenever we move to a new place but imagine shopping for your face cream when your favorite is finished and there is nowhere to buy it.

We, ladies, know the struggle.  Another reason why I chose this topic is that my personal belief is that best quality is found locally.

Woman buying cosmetics

So why not give a chance to new organic products produced in Poland? You may be positively surprised with the high quality of the local products

The brands I’m going to present to you may not be sold in the popular shopping chains like Rossman or Hebe, but you can get it online on their websites or through other online retailers. 

I’m going to start with my favorite: NACOMI

Natural cosmetics created for people suffering from allergies, various skin problems and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Nacomi Polish Natural Cosmetics
Nacomi – Polish Natural Cosmetics

Only non-refined oils are used in Nacomi cosmetics.

The offer includes body butter, creams, lotions, scrubs, shampoos and hair conditioners, massage oils, as well as a series of cosmetics for tanning and after sunbathing, and preparations for pregnant women (including balsam for bust care) and cosmetics for children.

My beloved is the Face Scrub –  https://detal.nacomi.pl

Face Scrub Naomi Polish Natural Cosmetics
My favourite Face Scrub by Nacomi


Where to buy:


You may also find them in the shop chain HEBE in Natural Cosmetics Section. 

Naomi products can be purchased in Hebe Stores


The Avebio Cosmetics brand believes that the safest cosmetics for the skin are those with the smallest number of ingredients.

Avebio Polish Natural Cosmetics
Avebio Bio Cosmetics

Avebio offers cosmetics without zoonotic and synthetic ingredients. BIO floral waters (rose, neroli, immortelle, purge, lavender) certainly deserve attention, natural magic tonic, natural aloe tonic, BIO shampoo with macadamia oil or face cream with banana extract. The shampoo with macadamia oil is truly amazing. You try it once and won’t ever change it. 

Their website: https://avebio.pl

Natural Shampoo with Macadamia Oil by Avebio
Natural Shampoo with Macadamia Oil by Avebio


Currently you can use 15% discount when buying on their website using code W15.


Dermocosmetics with curative sulfur water taken from the source “Malina” in the health resort of Solec-Zdrój. 

Sulfuric water has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, fungicidal and anti-bacterial properties, which is why it effectively fights acne or skin shining; it also has nurturing and regenerative properties. Balneocosmetics offers products for the face, body and hands.

My favourite product is: SULFURIC MINERAL WATER. 

20min bath with this product changes the feel of the skin. It did fight my acne problem when I just moved to Poland, I guess the change of water and stress didn’t do well to my skin. Highly recommended.




This is a new Polish brand of natural cosmetics for hair care, based on original recipes and ingredients, which mostly come from Polish suppliers.

Bionigree – Polish Natural Cosmetics

The BIONIGREE brand is distinguished by the presence of blackcurrant in each of the cosmetics.Blackcurrant oil contains gamma-linolenic acid (γ-linolenic acid), which has a positive effect on the whole body, and in particular on the hair, increasing their thickness. 

It is worth mentioning that Poland is the largest producer of blackcurrant in the world. 

Blackcurrant – Poland is the largest Producer in the World

My male friend’s best choice: Hair Growth Serum

He swears his hair got thicker since he started using it. And I believe him. 


eeny meeny

When I moved to Poland, I didn’t quote know what cosmetics to use for my bubba, his skin seemed to be very sensitive so I was recommended this brand. And I’m really happy with it. It’s been almost 6 months of using the shower soap and no issues whatsoever. 

Eeny meent Natural Cosmetics for mum and baby
Een meeny Polish Natural Cosmetics for mum and baby

The brand offers delicate and safe cosmetics for pregnant women and the children from the first day of life.

My son’s favourite: Shower GEL

Their web is: https://eenymeeny.eu

There are so many new Polish brands on the market, I am on a mission to explore them all and when I find the cosmetics I love, I promise to share it with you. 

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