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PKO Night Half Marathon in Wroclaw

Night Half Marathon In Wroclaw

I guess this is quite an interesting news for the fans of running. June 15, 2019- pencil it in! This is a huge event for Wroclaw, as a few thousands of running enthusiasts will come out to the streets of Wrocław.

Are you going to be one of them?

This is the 7th time,PKO Night Half Marathon is held in Wroclaw.There are expected up to 13,000 competitors to join the run. It looks like running is in fashion nowadays. All tickets have been sold out within 17 days – quite impressive, bearing in mind that I personally hate running ;).

The marathon will start from the speedway track inside the Olympic Stadium – for the first time in Wroclaw marathon history. 

  • There are a few attractions prepared also for the visitors. Wroclaw never forgets about those.  
  • A special health zone will give you a chance to do some health checks and consult them with the specialists.
  • You will also be able to test your strength on a special bike designed to squeezefresh fruit juices.
  • And if you want to get some advise on your running techniques, the ambassador of the event Paweł Januszewski a well-known athlete, will be able to give you some good tips.

According to tradition, the event combines physical culture with other areas of culture. This time the theme will be club rhythms, so while others do the run, you can dance through it (that’s my option ;).

The visual effects and party music will be placed along the route. If you happened to have someone to cheer for – go straight to Most Grunwaldzki (which runners will cross twice), this place is gonna rock visually and literally. 

This event seems like a lot of fun, really. You must check out the medals for this run – they are truly exceptional. The symbols of Wroclaw- gnomes and dwarfswill appear on them.

The map of the marathon is available on the website

The bus route changes:

Specialtram and bus lines will also be launched: 

bus S3 and tram T3.

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