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19 February 2019
5 March 2019

PIN WORKSHOP – For when you want to make some noise but the neighbor’s an ass.

Oh Gosh, I love Wrocław and those new brilliant business creators! 

Whenever I get to see my buddies from Wroclaw, I always find out about new places, new things, new events. So exciting to live there, even more exciting to be part of this city life. 

So, this friend of mine has a bloody good talent for guitar building (I will tell you more about him later on) he has told me about a place he goes to when he feels like it’s time to create. This place is called PIN WORKSHOP, was set up for people endowed with more or less manual skills, as well as for those who would like to gain or improve such abilities.

PIN workshop is a space for DIY enthusiasts.

It offers a lot of space, workbenches, and some tools. You can make as much noise as your soul endeavoursand get your hands dirty in there. You can work on the renovation or construction of new furniture, do some woodworking, work with metal or simply weld- basically do whatever makes you happy! 

On-site support is always happy to help, explain how to use tools safely, give suggestions on what tools to use.

And most importantly they DO SPEAK ENGLISH!

There is also a shop with abrasive materials, tools and safety products in the area. (You can pay by credit card). It is worth asking about the availability of tools beforehand, because the database is not updated on a regular basis.

PINalso organizes special themed workshops there from time to time, but those ones are in Polish only. But who knows maybe one day something’s gonna pop up in English. So, stay tuned and follow them on Facebook or Instagram. 

One time Entry – 40 PLN / day

Monthly Pricing Plans 

 4 days6 daysno limits
1 personS- 120PLNM – 180 PLNL – no limit
2 or more (per person)xS-110 LNxM- 165PLNxL- 190PLN

PIN Workshop



instagram #wroclawpinworkshop


al. Różyckiego 1c

51-608 Wrocław


Natalia Przybylska-Baranowska

tel. 697388809

Piotr Baranowski

tel. 792616087


17:00 – 21:00 Monday

17:00 – 21:00 Wednesday

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