Interviewed by Gazeta Wroclawska
21 June 2018

EXPAT Checklist – 90 days before moving to Poland

Hello, Expats

This information i am sharing with you today it might be very useful for that friend who is planning to move to Poland. I, as an Expat living in Wroclaw, would like to have such info 5 years ago before i was coming to Poland so here it is, i hope you will appreciate it and moreover find it helpful, in such case, do not hesitate to share it among your friends who are planing to move here with you.


Book your air tickets & hotels if required.
Professional moving companies and their quotes.
Folder with hard copies & paperwork of the important documents and create a file on
your computer for all of your saved files. Check the documentation requirements for
Poland. Contact your Expat Consultant for more information.
Inform your children’s school that you will be moving abroad and ask for transfer
certificates and any information which will be relevant when you move.
Make a checklist of all packing boxes and what will go in each one.
Create a tax and finance folder with any information which can be claimed back on
tax. If you are getting your expenses paid for you, put all receipts in this folder.
Make sure you and your family have valid passports; you will not be travelling anywhere
without them.
Find out about international driving licenses. In which case your current driving License
is valid in Poland. For more information, contact your Expat Consultant.
Find out if you, your family and your pets need to have any vaccinations and when you
need to have them by. Book appointments at the doctors and vets and be sure to have
an international vaccination record booklet.
Print out change of address cards to hand to friends and family. Change of address-the
post office, the magazines you subscribe to, credit card companies, family and friends.
If you are renting out your house and do not have any tenants yet, contact local rental
agencies for their help.
Start packing items which you do not need in the next three months such as
ornaments, books, photos, jewellery and out of season clothes. Label all boxes.
If your national driving license needs renewing, do so before you leave.

You can download this check-list HERE

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