5 May 2019
8 May 2019

Breastfeeding vs. discrimination in Poland

So, today I would like to talk more about this human natural thing which is breastfeeding. Why? Well, I was breastfeeding my baby boy for 14 months which I am very proud of.

He got some good nutrients and extra mommy’s attention and I loved seeing the growing bond between us. I don’t ever judge Mums who choose to bottle feed their babies. You do whatever works for you and your baby

However, my post today is focused more on letting people know that PUBLIC BREASTFEEDING in Poland is LEGAL!

Breast Feeding Woman from Baby Center en Español from Pinterest
Image taken from Pinterest Baby Center en Español

Do not ever think that you are not allowed to do it in a park on the bench, restaurant or in a shopping mall on the couch. There are parents room indeed but feeding your child does not have to wait until you get your turn in the room. Your child is hungry, feed him wherever you get a chance. 

Why do I mention this? 

I remembered a situation when my bubba was just 6 months old. We went to one Park Mall in Wroclaw, and as I was feeding my baby boy on the bench in the corridor of the shopping mall, this security guard came from nowhere to let me know that I was not allowed to do it in public. I was shocked.

Gustav Klimt - Three Ages of Woman Mother and Child
Gustav Klimt – Three Ages of Woman Mother and Child

Coming from Sydney where things like that are considered normal human behaviours, I got struck by the abnormal ridiculous comment. There was only one thing that came to my mind that moment – I asked him to call the police. He then turned around and left. When I finished feeding my child, we packed up and were heading to the exit. The same guard came up to me and whispered that he was sorry but had been told by his superior to remove us from the public area. I got so upset. Left the shop immediately and contacted the mall office in regards to this incident. I was apologised by them and promised there are no such rules in the mall. They invited me for a chat on how to improve the facilities in the shopping mall in order to make it more comfortable for the parents while shopping with kids. I was very keen to attend the meeting unfortunately the circumstances back then didn’t let me. 

After this horrible situation, I started reading about this online, on how breastfeeding mothers are treated in our society. It is really sad that some people see us in such a bad way. The only thing we want to do is to care for our babies and make them happy. We don’t take boobs out to show off.

We feed our babies. 

Maternity by Stanislaw Wyspianski
Maternity by Stanislaw Wyspianski

There was a court case in Sopot in 2017, a Mother who tried to breastfeed her child in a restaurant was asked by the waiter to do it in the toilet instead of at the table. She took the case to court and won it.

It was a huge success for her and all the breastfeeding women out there who are afraid of leaving the house because they are breastfeeding and never know when their child is going to be hungry. 

I absolutely support breastfeeding mothers, it is not an easy task. It requires lots of patience and persistence but brings so much happiness in return. 

So, LADIES, DO NOT BE AFRAID, the law is on your side. We may not change the world alone, but together we stand in this fight against discrimination. 

Maternity by Paul Gauguin

I highly recommend this blog to you www.hafija.pl. It is in Polish though. But got so much information on breastfeeding. 

Hafija - Breast feeding Blog in Poland

English website is also full of useful information:

The Cover Image was taken from https://elpuentedelarte1.wordpress.com/2012/09/12/pinturas-del-puente-del-arte/maternidad-1-2/


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